Our Tile Ranges

Explore our range of interior and exterior tiles, including wood, brick, stone, and marble effect, in addition to a selection of geometric, metallic and slip resistant tiles.

Slate Effect Tiles

Travel through time to the world of the most beautiful Welsh slates and explore the most spectacular natural landscapes. These tiles reinterpret this thousand-year-old universe by fusing the purity of the textures in this unique rock with the numerous features of large format porcelain stoneware. This collection reflects the swirling movements of slate and adapts its distinctive shades and features to a range of design styles. Slate, indispensable for large interiors where the aim is to accurately reproduce natural surroundings.

Concrete Effect Tiles

Concrete effect porcelain tiles give a very stylish contemporary minimalist finish to any interior environment.

Wood Effect Tiles

The timeless look of wood but without the maintenance, these collections are inspired by the texture and appearance of more traditional-looking woods. A series of collections that open boundless new interior design potential, they stand out for their warmth, sobriety, and chic elegance.

Brick Effect Tiles

Brick effect tiles can be used almost anywhere to give a more raw, industrial style to enhance your interior scheme. Available in a range of different colours, sizes, and finishes.

Stone Effect Tiles

Stone is an enduring classic. Oblivious to fashions or trends, it has been used unceasingly for generations. It has a cold yet cosy appearance at the same time making it unique.

Marble Effect Tiles

Marble effect porcelain tiles give you a glamourous, opulent look of real marble, but without the expensive price. Being very popular in contemporary kitchens and bathrooms, transforming surfaces into an immediate focus of attraction. Mostly available in polished and natural/matt finish.

Metallic Tiles

A series of collections with minimalist influences, it is conceived to add strong magnetism and added value to more discerning architectural and design projects. These collections are industrially inspired designs to stand out for their carefully coordinated oxide shades.

Geometric Tiles

We have access to so many tiles these are only a handful to let you know that they are available in all shapes and sizes. From diamond, hexagons, triangles, rhomboid to traditional patterns. Which then in turn create wonderful different patterns when laid in different orientations.

Slip Resistant Tiles

We supply different slip resistant rated tiles that are suitable for all your different areas that require a certain rated tile. Whether that be for a wet room, toilet area, interior, or exterior walkway. Some of our tiles are tested by the ramp method and some by the pendulum. Both tests are accepted worldwide, however the pendulum test is becoming more popular. If your specification insists on PTV 36+ then let us know and we will provide you with an array of options.

Exterior Tiles

Porcelain tiles that can survive extreme temperatures, designed to be outdoors, a thicker tile with an anti-slip surface.

Big Slab Tiles

In an evocation of luxury and elegance, interior design creates dramatically theatrical spaces, applying state-of-the-art technologies and designs with granilla (a granular glaze) to reposition ceramic tiles at the forefront of contemporary interior design and decoration.

The subtle shading, veining and glossy effects are the hallmarks of Big Slab Tiles that together form a collection, the quintessence of the trend defined above. Superb designs combined with cutting-edge technical features that together allow for stunning visual impacts and clever plays on colour that will look fabulous in any room where wall or floor tiles are a core decorative element.