Urbano Lappato Dark Grey Rectified Porcelain Floor Tile

Normally dark tiles on the floor mean that they need cleaning more often, however the Urbano’s shabby characteristics mean this isn’t a concern, the aged effects that feature on this tile mean that it is very easy to live and an ideal choice for those with busy family lives. The high end look that this tile exudes is partly down to the rectified edges which give the tile a high quality look and feel, and means that the grout joint sizes can be kept to a minimum. Perfect to use with underfloor heating Urbano is as practical as it is attractive, a low maintenance stone-like floor tile that requires no specialist cleaners or sealers, an ideal floor tile.

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Deep masculine darker shades give the Urbano lappato dark grey rectified porcelain floor tile a distinct modern appeal well suited to both contemporary and traditional interiors.

The 600 x 600mm format makes it a great choice for both large and small floor tiling projects although the darker shades will have the effect of closing the space down slightly this is counteracted by the depth that the reflective semi polished finish creates.

○ 600 x 600mm
○ 800 x 800mm

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Deluxe Dark, Deluxe White

Light Reflectance Value


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